venerdì 24 marzo 2017

"Globetrotting Viola": the complete story!

Hello, English-speaking friends!

The third and last chapter of "Globetrotting Viola" ("Viola Giramondo") 
is now available on EuropeComics!!

Script by Teresa Radice - Art by Stefano Turconi

(Globetrotting Viola - chapter 3 - Homeward Bound)

So, if you like, you can digitally read the entire story in your language :-)

"Viola Giramondo" was first published in Italy (Tunué) at the end of 2013, as a 120-pages graphic novel.
It was then translated for the French public and appeared in France in 3 volumes (corresponding to the 3 chapters) in 2015, as "Violette autour du monde", by Dargaud.
And it's going to Spain, for Dibbuks, as "Lila Trotamundos", in april 2017.

(Globetrotting Viola - chapter 2 - Autumn Symphony)

"Viola Giramondo" won 
the Boscarato Prize 2014 as Best Comic for Kids,
the Prix Jeunesse 2015 at Bédéciné Illzach
and entered the Séléction Fauve Jeunesse at FIBD Angouleme 2016.

(Globetrotting Viola - chapter 1 - Treasure Everywhere)

"Viola Giramondo" has recently inspired a series of illustrated books (8-12) by the same authors, with completely new stories set two years before the graphic novel: up to now, these stories have travelled to Italy, Turkey, Spain and Brasil.

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Amir Al-Zubi ha detto...


"Unfortunately", too late for me: after get familiar with your work (and from some other Italian authors like signore Giorgio Cavazzano) I decide to slowly learn Italian, so one day I can enjoy your work in original form.

Starting with Orlando's comic in few days :)
Mi stia bene!

Teresa Radice & Stefano Turconi ha detto...

Orlando is perfect to learn Italian: few, simple words and loads of illustrations :-)

Ciao, Amir!